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The Ritual M2 stick line is built with an Ultra light-weight Minimus construction which features an innovative geometry that drives flex energy towards a lower kick point. This provides a quicker release when making passes and elevating the puck in tight areas around the net.
Warrior Ritual M2 E+ Senior Goalie Stick Minimus Carbon UD Minimus construction for low kick point & quick release SlideGrip Technology HiFused Construction – Super light balanced feel Impact Fiber Layer – Enhanced shaft durability Matte finish
Warrior Ritual M2 Pro+ Senior Goalie Stick Colour: Black/Silver. Extremely lightweight goal stick. Minimus construction for low kick point & quick release. Minimus Carbon 25. SlideGrip Technology. HiFused Construction – Super light balanced feel. Impact Fiber Layer – Enhanced shaft durability. Matte finish.
With the continued popularity amongst professional and recreational goaltenders, the Warrior Ritual V2 E Senior Goalie Stick has improved designs to help balance value and performance. Starting with the materials, the Warrior Ritual V2 E Senior Goalie Stick is composed of Minimus Carbon which is designed for great durability. Behind that, Warrior uses TwinSpar paddle reinforcements for improved stability. Combining two key designs, the Warrior Ritual V2 E has infused VibexLite which is a vibration reduction technology which reduces the sting that can sometimes happen on composite sticks. On top of that, HiFused construction within the paddle creates specific flex for the modern goaltender. HiFused construction helps provide an easy loading mid-flex profile which is integral for maximizing shooting power. Now, goaltenders can rim pucks off the glass or make tape to tape passes with ease. On top of these technologies, Warrior has continued using their Slide Grip technology at the shoulder and shaft. The Ritual V2 E stick is outfitted with a clear matte coating combined with a vertically ribbed texture along the entire shaft of the stick providing the fasted sliding finish. On the handle of the stick, the Slide Grip technology has strategically placed gloss grip and raised grid textures to provide grip where you need it. If you are an entry-level goalie who wants a solid composite stick with designs to improve stickhandling, the Warrior Ritual V2 E Senior Goalie Stick is built for you.
Starting at the paddle and the blade, the True Catalyst 5X is designed with an improved braided rib system, which offers a dampened feel and optimized balance and durability, in addition to being incredibly lightweight. The Catalyst 5X offers a redesigned higher flex zone in the paddle, giving the stick a mid-kick profile. This flex profile is optimized for easier, faster loading times and more powerful passes while clearing the puck. Moving up to the handle of the True Catalyst 5X, you will notice a departure from the A-series, with a more rounded corner of the shaft and a steeper angle. This allows for added grip and ultimate feel while stickhandling. Finally, throughout the True Catalyst 5X, True’s all-new Precision Laminate Design (PLD) optimizes the angles of the carbon fiber layers throughout the shaft, which offers increased impact strength and optimal stiffness while reducing the weight of the stick. When compared to the Catalyst 9X, the 5X will feature slightly lower-grade grade materials, as well as a flat paint finish on the blade and True logos on the paddle. If you are an intermediate-level goaltender who is looking for the most lightweight and durable composite stick around, look no further than the True Catalyst 5X Goalie Stick.
$219.99 - $269.99
Featuring many of the same innovative technologies found within HZRDUS player sticks, the HZRDUS 7X goalie stick offers an unmatched feel and response in a lightweight package. As with our HZRDUS goalie line, the HZRDUS 7X features a softer paddle design with a stiff blade, allowing goalies to play the puck effectively while controlling rebounds off the paddle. Weighing in at 675 grams, the HZRDUS 7X is ideal for any goalie seeking elite performance benefits in a durable, lightweight package. LIGHTWEIGHT BUILD OPTIMIZED CONTROL UNMATCHED FEEL AND RESPONSE
Weighing in at an astonishing 575 grams, the HZRDUS PX features an ultra-lightweight build designed for exceptional playmaking. New for 2022, Vibration Suppression System (VSS) is a patent pending technology designed to provide goalies with the perfect balance of feel and comfort when making stick saves. Braided ribs throughout the blade offer a thinner design with increased durability. Featuring a low kick profile for quick release and greater puck control, HZRDUS PX focuses on feel while maintaining ultra-lightweight performance. ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT OPTIMIZED BALANCE EXCEPTIONAL PLAYABILITY
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