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$6,300.00 - $8,400.00 $8,400.00 Up to 25% Off
The rebel yell of the middle child. Fed a steady diet of super-tech climbs. The SB130 was built to crush the biggest terrain. No trail "too" anything. Point it up or down. Enter a last-minute enduro just for the eff of it. We say no one bike can rule all. But the SB130? One bike that rules.
$7,310.00 - $8,600.00 $8,600.00 Up to 15% Off
Meet the bike in between nothing. Leaving no rider wanting. Master of the climb, the bomb, the rail and the air. The utterly unequivocal. The rule crusher. The trend buster. No rig can rule all, but this one can absolutely rule. The mountain bike.
$8,700.00 - $11,600.00 $11,600.00 Up to 25% Off
"Race bred". It's not just a slogan printed on the SB150 top tube. We've been pinning on numbers and pinning the throttle since 1985.
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