Jeff Simms BC Enduro Interview

Jeff is no stranger to bikes. He spends his days helping make sure that riders have the bikes, the gear, and the support that they need to complete whatever goal they’ve set of themselves. He often spends his evenings teaching the next generation of cyclists in Truro at least some of what he’s learned in a lifetime on two wheels. 
But in July he’ll be doing something that he’s never done; Trans BC Enduro. 
So what goes through the head of someone who spends their whole life surrounded by bikes, including his own 2018 Rocky Mountain Instinct BC Edition? We decided to ask him.
What are the top 5 things that are in your ear when you’re training.
Funny. I don’t listen to music. My first car didn’t even have a radio. I know. Pretty boring, eh.
Ok. What are the top 5 things that are in your body before/during a race:
  1. Eggs
  2. Plain Oatmeal
  3. White Bread and Butter
  4. Plain naked chicken
  5. Mashed Potatoes
During a race, it’s great to have a big peanut butter chocolate chip cookie on hand. Some gels, powerbars, electrolytes. I like Skratch Labs options. Natural, and made with real fruit.
I like to end the day with a nice hoppy double IPA.
If you could have either a personal best or a win, which one would you take an why?
No PB - definitely a win. I've never experienced this kind of downhill riding so who really knows. Did one Downhill race on a borrowed bike set up for a 200lb guy and it was a bad scene. I'm not concerned with the climbing, or the distances.
Jeff's main monkeys are his family as seen after an event. Do we see future enduro stars?
Jeff's main monkeys are his family as seen after an event
In a race like this, what’s your biggest fear?
Never doing a race like this.
Hoping I am not in over my head.
Trusting my gear and body will hold up.
That I can complete all 6 stages.
Logistics (bike showing, making it to the event etc)
When you’re halfway done a race like this, is the glass half full or half empty?
Half Full for sure!
This is all about the experience, and the people I’m experiencing it with. 
An event like this with timed downhills, and social climbs intertwined with this kind of mountain riding is an amazing opportunity.
As long as I am in one piece in the end.
Given the massive difference in topography between Nova Scotia and Squamish, BC where the BC Bike Race is held, what it is going to take for you to feel ready?
I don’t know if I’ll actually feel ready because of the amount of unknowns. My game plan is to log a log of miles for base and fitness. Closer to the event, I’ll be hitting more aggressive areas like Wentworth, Keppoch and Sugarloaf (Campbellton, NB) to get more practice on bigger downs and ups.

Good luck to Jeff and his fellow Monkeys in July. You got this.

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