Cakes On A Bus - Bus Shipping For The Win

Half of the fun of a bike shop is getting to talk with people that might like bikes as much as you do, maybe even more.
The problem is that you want to support these super fantastic people who love bikes.
They've always been great to you, but you also need bikes, or at least parts of bikes, and you need them sooner rather than later.
Enter: The Bus. They're driving around everywhere anyhow!

"It’s the classic tale of you can’t have your cake and eat it too."

Bikes on a Bus
Bikes on a bus - or something snake plane - or - other.
Well, we like cake and we like to eat cake so we came up with an idea.
Bikes on a bus.
We love where we live and work and play. Truro, Nova Scotia has incredible trails and amazing parks and more importantly, fantastic people. However, we know that there are incredible trails (hopefully) and amazing parks (probably) and fantastic people (obviously) where you live too.
You shouldn’t have to choose and the solution is actually pretty simple.
Step 1: You need something. It might be a bike, but more likely it’s a part. Maybe you’re heading out on a trip or maybe you’re just heading out for a rip, but you need something.
Step 2: You call or email your favourite shop (that’s us by the way) and let them know what you need. Unlike shopping online with some faceless monolith, this means that you know that the part you’re looking for is the part you’re actually getting.
Step 3: We put it on the bus. Depending on when you call and if it’s a product we have in stock, it could go out that day, arriving at your local bus station often just a few hours after you’ve ordered it.
Step 4: There’s no step 4. Nice, right?
The advantages of bus shipping are pretty obvious, but let’s break them down anyways.
You love your local bike shop, and we love you. With bus shipping you get to support your favourite bike shop, from afar. Basically, it’s like everyone just got a brand new bike shop. It’s kind of perfect.
It’s one thing to shop local. We love local. This isn’t about shopping local. This is about getting the best, from the best. With bus shipping, you don’t have to sacrifice quality because you need it quick. We can get it to you faster than pretty much anyone. And it’s the good stuff.
With bus shipping, you get to talk to a pro. Also, an actual human. We’re not a chat bot or a collection of FAQs. We’re human beings who love other human beings, especially those that like things with two wheels. So you don’t have to sacrifice exceptional service just to get your parts a couple of days faster.
If you’re noticing a theme here, it’s that you don’t have to sacrifice anything for anything.

"You can have your cake and eat it too. Even on a bus."

Give us a holler at 1-902-843-7111 - we're not monkeying around here.

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