Bike Monkey Athlete Profile: Belle Henderson

It’s important to have something to do when you’re not juggling or playing ukulele, or both for that matter, and so when Belle Henderson wants to burn off some excess energy, she hits the trails.

Belle has been a part of the Bike Monkey team since the fall of 2015, training most Tuesdays and Wednesdays and then racing whenever she can find a place to do so. Growing up she explored the Wentworth trails and when she got the opportunity to ride it in 2016, she placed and had one of the most fun rides of her life. She’s also raced in the Victoria Secret Race on her Liv Tempt.

One of the things that’s so great about the Bike Monkey team is how unique everyone is. Each individual brings something interesting to every race and every ride and that’s one of the things that drew Belle to join and stay a part of the team. She loves riding with different people who are a part of the team because everyone has such an individual perspective on riding, racing and everything in between. The team dynamic is what keeps Belle going, ride after ride.

Dynamic is a great word to use to describe Belle. In addition to pedalling it out, she spends time with her other passions. It turns into a busy week. Tuesdays, Wednesdays; train. Thursdays, Fridays; work. Saturday; sail. Add to that a winter spent on the slopes and you end up with a well-balanced diet of awesome.

Speaking of a balanced diet, Belle sticks to fueling her body with the best foods before races and training, but sometimes you need to treat yourself and order some Chinese food. She keeps her energy up with upbeat, chill music that she’s familiar with and finds that a solid listening regiment helps her focus and get ready to race. Another thing that would keep Belle focused would be the chance to ride with a pro, like reigning cross-country world champion Annika Langvad, a rider she looks up to a lot and feels would be a great mentor for her.

Belle spends that little wedge of free time that’s left after all of this drawing, watching TV or just listening to music. Sometimes, you just need to relax, even if or maybe especially if you’re as busy monkeying around as Belle.

For Belle, the most interesting and exciting thing about cycling is the chance to try new things. Even a trail that you’ve ridden a hundred times gives a different challenge depending on what the weather has been like or how you’ve been. Riding gives you a chance to work out whatever you need to.

Life’s about juggling a lot of things and Belle knows all about that. 

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