Bicycle Fitment - The Basics

When a bike fits poorly, it is generally the beginning of a pretty short union between rider and bike. Conversely, a bike that fits its owner properly really opens the doors for good times, and ideally lots of them. The fit of the bike as well as getting the right bike for the rider will determine much of this successful union. Every bike has a job or various jobs it was designed to be better at so the first step is knowing what you’re going to be doing with your bike.

Will you be using it primarily for roads? Will they be primarily paved or gravel / dirt? Will you be looking to ride singletrack trails or downhill or maybe all of the above? Do you have any additional physical adaptations, limitations or injuries to address as part of this purchase? We have a broad wealth of knowledge around electric supported bikes more commonly referred to as e-bikes.

Once you find the right style of bike that fits your needs, it's time to size the bike. Bikes don't fit riders out of the box unless you win some magical lottery we don't know about. There are finite adjustments like seat angles and seat height as well as various bar and stem choices. Besides e-bikes, the cycling industry has created adaptations for many physical needs as well. This includes everything from grips and gloves to help ease pressure off your ulnar nerve to saddle types for all shapes and sizes.

That's just a start. We're not monkeying around when we say we want you to love your bike. 

Fit Matters

Our staff is very well versed in bike fit and options to help address all of the above. We’re here to help walk you through these questions and help form a decision based on your needs. We’ve got an assortment of bikes to physically sit on, and talk about here in the shop. We’ve got a safe space right in the back of the shop where we can share a little time on the bikes and really make sure you’re comfortable. Lean in to this experience with your new found love.

At the end of the day, you’re looking for a bike and that bike has to work for you and your needs. Having the right bike for you means you’re much more likely to enjoy it. We’ve got a wide variety of bikes on the showroom floor in various styles and sizes to help get you properly fitted.


Stop by our shop or phone to book a fitting 902-843-7111

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