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Riding Solo is the New Norm. Tips on Riding Solo Safely.

May 2, 2020

We’re smack dab in the middle of a Pandemic here on planet Earth. Nothing seems normal, and at the same time, we all need to stay healthy, get around and release some of this stress. While here in Nova Scotia, our Parks and Trails just reopened yesterday. Riders are taking to the roads and...

Bicycle Fitment - The Basics

March 9, 2020

When a bike fits poorly, it is generally the beginning of a pretty short union between rider and bike. Conversely, a bike that fits its owner properly really opens the doors for good times, and ideally lots of them. The fit of the bike as well as getting the right bike for the rider will...

Winter Bike Setup and Maintenance Tips

January 7, 2020
Winter: It’s happens every year. Prepare yourself properly and it can be the most fun of all of the seasons. When it comes to riding mountain bikes or fat bikes in great Winter conditions, the experience can’t be beat. No flies, no overheating, and even the sounds and smells of the...

Top Tips : Clothes and Accessories for Winter Riding

November 28, 2019
Just because fall is over doesn’t mean you’re all done riding. Winter riding is really and truly a blast. From early season hero dirt conditions, to first tracks on your fat bike in the snow - if you’re planning on riding this winter you need to prepare yourself with the right...

Bike Rack 101

August 20, 2019

So you’ve spent a lot of money and time getting the right bike. You love it. It’s beautiful and you want to take care of it. Most of all you want to ride it. Now there are a lot of really great trails being built and maintained throughout Atlantic Canada and even more that are just a...

Summer On Two Wheels

June 12, 2019
Remember coming back to school every fall when you were a kid and writing that same journal entry; what I did on my summer vacation? What’s your answer going to be after this summer? Do you have any bike trips planned? As lives get busy sometimes we find that we just don’t have the time...

Cakes On A Bus - Bus Shipping For The Win

May 1, 2019
Half of the fun of a bike shop is getting to talk with people that might like bikes as much as you do, maybe even more.   The problem is that you want to support these super fantastic people who love bikes.   They've always been great to you, but you also need bikes, or at least parts...

Bikes on a Plane

May 1, 2018

For people who like to bike outside of their own area code, there can be a few problems. Whether you’re flying a couple of provinces away, across the country, or across the globe, if you’re planning on riding when you arrive, you obviously need to ensure that when the wheels go down...

How To Buy A Bicycle Without Having a Breakdown

March 28, 2018
First, we want to stress that this post is MOSTLY for beginners. If you’ve been riding for a long time, know your bike’s abilities and your abilities and where those two things come together, this post probably isn’t for you. But if the last time you rode a bike was in a different...

3 Steps To Training For Great Big Events

March 15, 2018
This summer, a few monkeys will be participating in Trans BC Enduro, a five-day race through the wilds of British Columbia. Now while everyone has their own way of training, we thought you might like a few tricks that will help you in whatever race you’re thinking about undertaking.